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The World as it is - Ben Rhodes

A unique perspective into the behind-the-scenes life of an inspirational President. While we often frame our judgment in terms of the impact that Obama made on the world, Rhodes flips this dynamic, offering an insight into the impact that this office had on Obama.

Favourite quotes:

'He was, I knew, grasping for the largest possible context in which to make sense of not just this historical event [Hiroshima], but of a world that he'd interacted with as its most powerful inhabitant for nearly eight years.'
By the time he jogged up the stairs, the nervous man I'd seen in the car was gone, replaced by a charismatic leader who moved with ease, smiling, waving casually to the crowd as if it was the most normal place in the world for him to be, standing there in front of people who were ready to love whatever he said.
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