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Jason's practice includes representation, advice and alternative dispute resolution in all areas of commercial litigation. Jason has particular expertise and interest in contract, corporations, intellectual property and regulatory disputes.

Selection of Cases

DCZ Early Learning Pty Ltd v Semper Mortgage Management Pty Ltd [2024] QSC 120

Represented a private lender to establish the validity of charging clauses pursuant to a loan agreement. Argued that the clauses were not 'unfair' as defined in the 2023 ASIC Act reforms. Counterclaimed for reliance damages. Where the borrowers had negotiated the agreement and withdrew at the last minute.

Protelight Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty Ltd v Wen [2024] FCA 581

Represented an aggrieved company to obtain a freezing order over the assets of a director who misappropriated funds. Argued that the director's conduct constituted breach of directors' duties in the Corporations Act. Where the director had absconded from the jurisdiction and ceased all communications with the company.

Wallace v Tannock & Anor [2023] QSC 122

Represented (led) a former prisoner subject to supervision under the DPSO Act. Argued that supervision orders imposed were in contravention of the Human Rights Act and that the client was not afforded natural justice. Where the orders placed restrictions on family visits and the gender of support workers.

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